Cancellation Policy



  • 3日前から24時間前:50%
  • 24時間以内 :100%
  • 15分以上の遅刻が予想される場合は、事前にお知らせください。
  • 遅刻による食事時間の延⻑はできませんので予めご了承くださいませ。



営業時間: 水曜日を除く平日11:00-17:00

If you cancel a reservation, then a cancellation fee may be charged.
Please note that a cancellation fee will be charged unless the reasons for the cancellation are due to weather conditions, or natural disasters.

  • 3 days to 24h prior : 50%
  • Within 24h or not showing up : 100%
  • If you expect to be more than 15 minutes late, please inform us in advance.
  • Please note that meal times cannot be extended due to your delay.

■ Late for the Reservation Time
If you are late for the reservation due to traffic issues or unavoidable problems, please contact us as soon as the situation arises. If you are more than 15 minutes late for your reservation time and you have not informed us prior, then your reservation will be automatically cancelled Please note: You will be charged, in full, for the course, you have chosen
We will not be able to extend the time of your stay beyond that which was initially booked.

■ In the Event of Bad Weather Conditions, and/or Natural Disasters
If you are unable to meet your reservation due to bad weather conditions and/or natural disasters, please contact us. A cancellation fee will not be charged even if you cancel on the day.

■ Contact information for reservation changes/cancellations
Kani Kato reservation desk
Business hours: 10:00-17:00

予約時の注意事項 Reservation Notes

(2)1 組1メニューとさせて頂いております。同じグループのお客様で別々のメニューはお選び頂けませんので、予めご理解をお願い致します。
(3)当店は17:30-20:00 の完全予約制です。時間外のご予約、当日及び前日のご予約はお受けできませんのでご了承ください。

(1)Kani Kato is an adult (Older than 12) only restaurant.
(2)The same course is served to all members of a single party. Please understand in advance.
(3)We only serve customers with a reservation, so please choose the set booking time. Please be aware that we do not offer services outside of our listed business hours, nor do we serve customers without a reservation. Please ensure that you book with us at least two days before the date that you wish to visit.
(4)Please contact us in advance with dietary restrictions, allergies, or any other concerns or inquiries.