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Dinner Menu – Counter


Snow, Moon, Flower
Regular course: 38,500 yen
Special course: 50,000 yen
※Special course: Hokkaido Wagyu steak increased to 80g + Squid nigiri with powdered dried mullet roe, Rice topped with sea urchin and salmon roe, and Rice soaked with Dashi topped with crab)
(tax and service charge included) / 1 person
Number of seats: 6 seats at the counter (limited to 1 group per 1 part)

Freshly brewed Dashi from Bonito flakes and Kombu kelp
Crispy crab egg roll topped with caviar
Steamed egg custard with crab ~Chef Tayasu style~
Simmered abalone, seared sea urchin, and seasonal vegetables with crab jelly
Savory King crab with powdery snow salt
40g-Hokkaido Wagyu Beef steak and vegetables
5 pieces of seasonal Sushi
~Mt.Youtei ~ A Mont Blanc cake made from pureed lily-bulb



12月20日-26日,1月1日-3日 期間限定 個室プラン 最小4名様-最大8名様のみご予約可能

KANI NABE Crab hot pot Kaiseki – Private room course: 38,500 yen
 (tax and service charge included) / 1 person

※December 20th to 26th, January 1st to 3rd Limited time private room plan Minimum 4 people – maximum 8 people can be reserved

Fresh White Sesame Tofu
raw white sesame tofu
hair crab shabu-shabu
Crab Meat Dish
Hair Crab Hot Pot with Miso Flavor
5 pieces of seasonal Sushi + 3 colored chirashi sushi
Green tea and Wagashi